WOODCOCK DELUXE 103 FE (Case Hardened)
Product Description

The top of the line Woodcock from CZ is more than just a game gun; it is a work of art, but art with a function. The Woodcock comes standard with single selective trigger and extractors (auto ejectors on 12 and 20 ga. models). The Woodcock‘s sculptured frame incorporates a side plate, resembling a true side lock, embellished with hand engraving and finished with color casehardening. The Woodcock is available in 12, 20 and 28ga with screw-in chokes and choked IC & Mod in .410.

SKU 06060
Gauge 12
Chambered for shells up to 3.000 in
Weight 7.700 lbs
Barrel Length 26.000 in
Length of Pull 14.500 in
Rib 8mm
Comb 1.500 in
Heel 2.250 in
Fore-end Schnabel
Chokes Multi
Barrel Finish Polished
Receiver Finish Case Hardened
Butt Plate Sporting Clays Style
Stock Type Round knob
Trigger Type Single
Safety Manual
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    • CZ Woodcook Deluxe 20ga, 28" - Added 3 years, 6 months ago.
      Added by Dave Young
      First have to say this is the second CZ that I have purchased. One being the 17 cal. Great gun by the way.... Anyway back to the 20 ga. Got into trap, and have been looking for a O/U for quite awhile, have looked at most of the O/U's out there in a price range of 800 to 1500, for the money hands down this one is the best in alot of ways, well built, havent had any problems, and shoots like a dream, nice trigger pull,ejects shells, works great. Anyone thats looking for a O/U in this price range wont be disapointed in the least...