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DISCONTINUED - 2010 - The semi-auto version of the famous CZ VZ 61 Skorpion submachine gun is now available from CZ-USA in .32 ACP. The version from CZ-USA is classified as a handgun, and does not include the folding stock. Although it was developed for use with security forces, the Skorpion was adopted by the Czechoslovakian Army in 1961 as a sidearm for vehicle drivers, armored vehicle personnel and special forces. In addition to being featured in many of today’s popular video games, the VZ 61 Skorpion is currently in service with numerous military units, and police agencies around the globe. VZ 61 Scorpion semi auto pistol cal. 32 AUTO, glossy blue, 1x10rd magazine + 2x20rd magazine- cleaning kit, pouch and instruction manual with history on CD

SKU 91510
Ammunition .32ACP
Magazine Capacity 20/10
Weight 2.580 lbs
Overall Length 10.630 in
Barrel Length 4.530 in
Height 5.980 in
Width 1.690 in
Frame Steel
Trigger Mech. SA
Trigger Type Single
Sights fixed
Safety Thumb safety
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      Friends: I am proud to own these fine CZ guns. an unissued CZ-52 pistol in 762x25 = VZ-58 folding stock rifle in 762x39 = VZ61 scorpion semi auto pistol in 32 auto = CZ-82 PISTOL IN 9X18 = CZ-83 PISTOL IN 32 AUTO and a CZ-RV85 flare gun for 26.5 czech military flares.Czech firearms quality is top notch