CZ 805 Bren A1
Product Description

The 805 Bren is CZ's answer to the need for a modular and reliable piston-operated selective-fire rifle. It is specifically built to switch between calibers and even magazine systems easily. Removing the barrel/piston system only involves 6 easily-accessible screws. Change the bolt-face and the rifle can shoot a range of different cartridges (5.56x45 and 7.62x39 are currently on contract and many more are possible). 

Need to use M16/AR15 magazines? Pop two pins and swap the magwell. Add to that a true tool-less field strip and you have a rifle that can fit any role assigned to it.

Currently the Bren comes in A1 (14" barrel) and A2 (11" barrel) configurations with a monolithic 1913 top rail and accessory rails on sides and bottom. Its fixed folding stock can be quickly swapped for a folding, adjustable LOP stock or it can be removed altogether and replaced with a sling-swivel endcap. The Bren is selective fire, with settings for safe, single shot, two-round burst or full auto.

The 805 is piston-driven, with a user-adjustable gas system. To be lefty-friendly, the charging handle is reversible and the mag release is ambidextrous. 

At current date, the Bren 805 is only available on military/law enforcement special order basis.

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      Added by Vicente Sena

      This rifle would be an incredible contender for the market cornered by the FNH SCAR and the Bring it into market at 2k or less and the entire genre of sales will be yours.