Lady Sterling
Product Description
Finally a shotgun fit for a lady! As the picture demonstrates, the dimensions required to properly fit female shooters are very different from the stock designs found on most shotguns. The Lady Sterling’s special stock dimensions allow most women the ability to mount the gun firmly on their shoulder while keeping their head up and eyes on target. It also has enough pitch to make it much more comfortable (around 8o). This classy shotgun is built on the Upland Sterling receiver and carries a single extractor rather than individual ejectors. Chambered in 12 gauge with 28” barrels, it handles both 2 ¾ and 3 inch shells.
SKU 06095
Price $1281.00 USD
Ammunition 12 Gauge
Chambered for shells up to 3.000 in
Weight 7.500 lbs
Barrel Length 28.000 in
Length of Pull 14.000 in
Comb 1.250 in
Heel 3.250 in
Auto-Ejector No
Stock Female Dimension Stock
Stock Type Turkish Walnut
Trigger Mechanical
Trigger Mech. Selectable
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Product Description

CZ’s beautifully handcrafted shotguns merge old world craftsmanship with state of the art modern technology.

All CZ’s double guns are built on frames proportionate to their gauge. For added durability all exterior barrels are hard black chromed with chrome lined interior. These affordable shotguns are topped off with hand checkered, select Turkish Walnut delighting the most discriminating aficionado.

.410s come with fixed chokes in improved cylinder and modified. All of the other CZ shotguns come with screw in chokes in Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Improved Modified, Modified, and Full.

CZ’s new line of shotguns is manufactured by a well-respected company with over 75 years of history in making shotguns. In the Turkish town where our shotguns are made, there are no restaurants, movie theaters, or internet cafes, but they do have sporting clays, trap, and skeet ranges. They know shotguns.

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