CZ 75 Shadow SAO
Product Description

Discontinued 2013

When building the SAO (Single Action Only), focus turned to creating the best trigger pull possible. Fitted with a redesigned unit originally used in the CZ 75 Champion, the hammer of the SAO is slightly wider with modified sear engagement, resulting in smoother release and more positive ignition. The CZ single action aluminum trigger has an overtravel adjustment screw and pulls at 3.5-3.8 lbs. To further smooth the trigger pull and improve trigger reset distance, the CZ 85 Combat-style slide without a firing pin block is used. Lighter springs (15 lb. recoil, 16 lb. main) create a smoother, more consistent action and the CZ 75 SA wide ambidextrous safeties give more purchase and better positioning of the thumb.

The SAO ships with three 16-round magazines and plastic grips.

SKU 91711
Ammunition 9mm
Magazine Capacity 16+1
Weight 2.200 lbs
Overall Length 8.100 in
Barrel Length 4.600 in
Height 5.400 in
Width 1.400 in
Frame Steel
Grip Plastic
Trigger Mech. Single Action
Sights Fiber optic front
Safety Ambidextrous SA-style
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