CZ 75 Shadow T
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Discontinued 2013

The “T” version of the 75 Shadow builds on the base model with the addition of black rubber grips and a Champion fully adjustable target rear sight matched to the fiber optic front. (1.5mm insert). The Target is DA/SA and is IDPA Approved! (SSP Legal)

The Shadow series of handguns are designed specifically for target and competition work.  They include variations of the CZ 75 and the CZ SP-01.  All Shadow models feature swept hi-rise beavertail frames, and slides designed without firing pin blocks for improved target trigger pulls.

The Shadow models carried by CZ-USA are assembled in Mesa Arizona by World Champion Angus Hobdell’s CZ Custom Shop. Competition treatment on all CZ Custom models includes a competition hammer and a trigger job that breaks cleanly at 3.5-4 lbs in SA mode and 7.0-7.8 lbs in DA mode (for DA/SA models).

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    • I'm in love with this gun - Added 1 year, 7 months ago.
      Added by Sandy Scott

      I am ex law enforcement, ex military and have been shooting for about 60 years. I've shot all manner of pistols and qualified as an expert pistol shot. I just purchased a new CZ 75 Shadow T. I am in love with this gun! Dead on accurate, fits my hand like a dream. I took it to the range for the first time today and utilized different types of ammo including some ancient Remington hollow point ammo that I have had stored for many years. Not surprisingly, the gun operated flawlessly with 200 rounds fired. I was so proud of the results, that I posted a target on facebook that represented 50 rounds shot at 21' to a 6" target (Glow Shot). Only 4 of the 50 shots were out of the center ring. The gun stays glued to the target in rapid fire. Now I have the problem of deciding which CZ gun to buy next!! :)